Things about working as a remote gig worker that nobody tells you.
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Published on December 13, 2021

Things about working as a remote gig worker that nobody tells you.

Does life as a remote gig worker entice you? As refreshing as it may sound from your daily grind in the office or even from your current salaried work-from-home situation, we dish out the skinny on being a remote gig worker.

Jillian Wong
Contributing Talent

Picture this: You’re in a relaxed Hawaiian-print tee, sitting in the comfort of your beach chair under the shade of luscious palm trees. Every now and then, you take an occasional sip of your Piña colada before going back to work on your laptop, which lays sprawled across your lap.

Being able to work from anywhere you want (including working from a beach if you choose to) is your prerogative as a knowledge-based worker in the gig market. Afterall, you’re your own boss, so choosing where to work from should be a self-entitled incentive.

But that’s just one half of the truth when it comes to being a remote gig worker.

The other side of the coin? Remote gig work isn’t for everyone. And because we are serious about gig work, it’s only fair that you get a realistic picture before you take the plunge as a remote gig worker. Ready?


#1 Your productivity may dip

In fact, you may find that your productivity as a remote gig worker may be even lower than when you were an office worker. The lure of your bed, children or pets needing attention, meals waiting to be prepared; even having too many open tabs on your laptop that are unrelated to work can cause you to be counterproductive. Oh and not to mention, now that there’s no boss breathing down your neck, the laissez faire attitude can get seriously unchecked.


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How I solve this problem:

I have strict rules about working. If it’s about work, I keep it about work. I limit any distractions via digital devices; that means no non-work related open tabs, no casual messaging exchanges on my mobile, no social media surfing.

Unfortunately, that can’t be said for a growling stomach that needs nourishment. I’d say go tend to that first. Also, I have no experience with attention-demanding children, but I’m pretty sure most work-from-home parents are well experienced enough to handle that. Perhaps locking your bedroom door is a start.

#2 You may start to feel lonely

As a gig worker, you may be a solo worker or you may be working as part of a team. If it’s the former, chances are that you may start to feel lonely. Of course, that also depends on your personality type or the type of work that you are doing. As a writer, I have no issues with loneliness, I actually crave peace and quiet in order to get words to flow.


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What you can do if you feel lonely:

In most scenarios, you can decide the amount of involvement you want with the company as a gig worker. Most companies have Slack, online collaboration and communication platforms in place, so get on those if you are someone who thrives on team synergy. Being a gig worker does sometimes require some thick skin, so don’t be afraid to show some online presence to get some friendships going!

#3 There may be differing expectations on availability

All too often, remote workers fall into the gap of being perceived as ‘always available’. In order for remote work to work, expectations have to be on the same page. Being remote doesn’t mean that work can be done all day, every day.



How you can manage expectations:

It’s unrealistic to assume that being 100% remote means being 100% available, 24 hours a day. Communicate your expectations and hours availability with the client and be sure to also find out what is expected of you in your gig role. Remember, it is up to you to determine what you want out of a remote working opportunity.

#4 You will need to double up on self-learning.

In fact, quadruple that. In today’s fast-moving landscape, skills upgrading is an expectation. To put it bluntly, either you upgrade or you degenerate.


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How you can put yourself in a better position:

As Warren Buffett puts it, “The best investment you can make is an investment in yourself. The more you learn, the more you'll earn.” Where possible, invest in yourself by upskilling to maximise your capabilities. Be proactive about upgrading your skills in order to be relevant and stay competitive in the gig economy.

#5 You will need to have A TON of self-discipline

Self-discipline, my friend, is the number one trait that will dictate the sustainable, long term success of your career as a remote gig worker (or any success for that matter). Self-discipline may not come easy at times. After all, it takes effort to push yourself to do things that you may not feel like doing at that moment.


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How to increase self-discipline

Removing distractions from your environment is a crucial first step to helping you achieve your goals. If you are trying to focus on a piece of work but find yourself being constantly distracted by your phone notifications, switch your phone off. Self-discipline requires baby steps, lots of practice and continued consistency in your daily life.

So there you have it, the less rosier side of being a remote gig worker. Assuming that the above doesn’t dampen your gig-seeking spirit, head over to Chanceupon to start growing your next career.

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