Our story

Our story

We are passionate about lots of things, but our purpose is driven by the community we’ve built. We saw what happened to exceptional people if they didn’t have the exposure of a platform- and we wanted to fix that.

Magic happens when the right people come together. (Fact Sheet) Our numbers tell it all.


Distributed team
across countries


Top 10%
quality talents


Projects and clients

Chanceupon empowers people with creative ideas to succeed.
While every single Chanceupon member is capable of creating great things, we know that we're stronger as a team.

Great communication, open and honest feedback, and recognizing each other's strengths are just some things that make us greater together. Take on challenges as a team because many minds working together are stronger than just one.
We go the extra mile
Literally and metaphorically. We go the extra mile to make sure Chanceupon talents have a great time on servicing and producing great work. Be it talents, clients, or our own team members.

We’ve even hopped on flights to connect with team members, talents and organisations.
Relationship building
We focus on building strong, lasting relationships with our team, our talents & our clients.

We care about each and everyone's growth.
The heart of our business is our talents.
Our logo illustrates the initials of our brand Chanceupon in one big smiley symbol - where every talent is not just a talented individual, but an empowered and happy one.
Because we believe that only empowered talents who are happy can translate into great work for our clients.
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You will be astonished by what you could assemble.